Episode 104: “What form of traffic will give me the highest ROI?”

In this episode, you witness me changing the scope of the original question. I talk about the importance of understanding that the money we spend on traffic is not an expense, but an investment in our business. I explain that the goal of any traffic purchase is to achieve a positive ROI. In tomorrow’s episode, I’ll talk more about how to evaluate your traffic investment options.

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  1. missed you in Houston.Want to stay in . paid 49.00 and 297.00what was 297.00 for?I want to start placing adds.

  2. Charity Vestal says:

    I’m willing to spend money on my advertising for my targeted leads. What is the best tool to capture their attention? Email, solo ads, banners, or ,if I have their phone number could I call them? Thank you for your time, Im not set up with a link yet. I’m waiting on my transaction to go through. I put my husbands email on the form instead of mine.After I signed up for Titanium. as of right now I’m MLR, but waiting on Titanium transaction after my mistake with the email mishap. What is the best tool to use to capture my targeted leads after set up.

    Charity Vestal

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