Episode 113: “What does it mean to be a Diamond member in MOBE?”

In this episode, you hear me talk about our Diamond Mastermind program. I summarize the benefits of being a Diamond member and the process in which we help you build your business by working with you to create your first product; along with the tools you need to promote yourself and build your brand. I explain that this production will take place in one of the most exotic locations in the world during an 11 day intensive workshop.

If you want to know more about the Diamond Mastermind program, click Here.

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  1. Like the video but for sure someone else whom you sent was addressed to me no? I would like to participate in the training and the Diamond but I’ll see to it that I do not need much money I wish you good luck and thank you for sending the video. Sadly, I looked at that meeting and was sorry I missed. http:m0be.com/evi0420