Episode 135: “Which funnel converts better: the MTTB funnel, or an affiliate’s own funnel?”

In this episode you hear me talk about the conversion results of MOBE’s front end funnel, My Top Tier Business (MTTB), compared to the conversion results of funnels belonging to other affiliates.

I explain that some affiliates have funnels that involve working directly with a lead on MOBE products, which therefore pre-qualifies those customers as likely MTTB customers; which means those conversion rates would be quite high.

However, affiliates with no experience, who try to direct traffic to their own funnel that may not be as sophisticated as the MTTB funnel, may not have as good success with conversions.

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  1. Dan quay says:

    yes i agree, all capture pages are mastered in every unique way for every person and works for them only, what you forgot to mention Matt is if a person decided to create their own capture page other that having mttb capture page, they would have also have the ability to start creating there own list paid or unpaid, another great video Matt keep going and very useful as happy to just fill in the gaps, look forward on your reply soon

  2. Hwan Kim says:

    I have recently joined and became a Mobe LR member on April 4th, 2015 and then upgraded to TM & PM member fairly quickly sometime in June. So my payments / expenses were so high… over $30,000 starting this MOBE business, that I decided to cancel the monthly subscriptions. This is especially because I have yet to make a sale. I fear going bankrupt if I cannot get some sales going.
    Now for some reason, I do not seem to have the MTTB 21 Step programs to promote. I feel like I am in very deep water and don’t know what to do especially because tomorrow, July 5th, my Solo Ads go out. And I don’t have the mttb programs…
    Please help me some body… even my website is not done… because my web designer has not linked the programs on the page as of yet…
    Could this MOBE business a little too difficult to do for this TBI? Did I bite something a little too big for me to chew??? I am having a panic attack.
    Please help me and give me some serious suggestions Matt..


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