Episode 136: “Can I earn my way to an MLR?”

In this episode you hear me talk about the MOBE License Rights program and the advantage of promoting products when you are an MLR affiliate compared to promoting products with having MLR.

I explain the difference between a standard affiliate (without MLR) and an MRL Affiliate and demonstrate that while you can earn commissions to get to the MLR level without paying the fee, it generally takes a longer time because you have to generate more sales at a lower percentage commission.

For more information about the MOBE License Rights program, click Here.

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  1. Hello Matt apart from sale and commission what else does one do to buy his way to MLR

  2. Ron Armstrong says:

    I was told by my coach when I reached step 6 that if I was to try to earn my way to MLR that I would not have a coach and I would not have follow-up by the phone sales team for the leads that I generate. Is this correct? If that is the case, one only wonders if the attempt to create an income and move up to Titanium would be nearly impossible as I hear stories of people who have been in the program for six or more months and have not generated any sales even though they have a coach and the backing of the phone team.

    1. Nate Rio says:

      Hey Ron –

      This part is a little confusing for people so I’ll try to clear this up.

      In this business (online marketing), your goal is to get people in front of your offer. Actually, that is the goal for EVERY business. So when people are not having success, that means they are not doing anything with regards to advertising.

      For instance, let’s say you are a brand new dentist in a new town and you have 0 customers. If you just put up a practice in a big office building, have NO signs, and let NObody know you even exist, how will you get any customers?]

      Unfortunately, we have students at every level (standard affiliates right up to Diamond) who have not taken any action. And there’s nothing we can do more to make them take action and actually “do the business.”

      So to answer your question, your goal is to drive traffic to the system, and when they buy/opt-in, the system takes over. So if you put in the effort and get a good qualified lead to buy 21 steps for example, you do not have to do anything ever again for that lead.

      And if you are Diamond for example, if that person ever upgrades to MLR, then Titanium, then Platinum, and then Diamond, you make all the extra money without any extra effort. You just had to get them into the system on day 1.

      Hope this helps!

      Cheers –
      Nate Rio