Episode 138: “How do I reconcile my current identity as an artist and a healer into this new life as an internet marketer?”

In this episode you hear me talk about transitioning from a former career to an new career as an Internet Marketer.

I explain that this process is all about mindset and the realization that you’ve actually been selling (influencing) and promoting (assisting) for your whole life – but now you need to hone that skill in and apply it to your business.

I discuss the transformation that needs to occur: it involves innovation and creativity as it applies to business – which is just a matter of tweaking what you are already doing.

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  1. Paula Williams says:

    I need some help in getting started since I have been doing this for 6 months now and have not made a dime to date. I don’t feel I am getting the help that was promised in your Video. I have listened to a slew of Webinars from you and others. I have posted onto Weber with my first 500 e-mails then I have followed them thru on a daily basis and I do not understand why haven’t I made at least one sale. I must be doing something wrong since I have not made any sales to date.
    I would appreciate any help you can give me to show me what I am doing wrong.

    Paula Williams