Episode 144: “What is the best way to make a connection with my prospects?”

In this episode you hear me talk about the best way to communicate and develop a connection with the prospects on your list.

I explain that my favorite form of communication is to use video to “speak” to my customers.

I share that video marketing didn’t come easy to me at first – I had to practice in order to get better at it.

But eventually, I got comfortable with it because I relaxed and just tried to be myself.

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  1. Barry N. Peterson says:

    Matt, I’m not with MOBE right now because I need to have $2000 USD coming in every month to compensate for my Social Security Disability Income from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

    I once was very autistic and also have bi-polar depression — which means that I have low energy. Sometimes I’m awake for four days, other times I’;m asleep for that many days.

    There are many people on disability income in the world who would really gain from your manner and organization if they could get over the hump and fear of losing their insurance and meager lifestyle to absolute abject poverty.

    I grew up dow the block from an eminent attorney who was a U.S. Senator, Vice President of the United States, and U.S. Ambassador to Japan. I went to the same summer camp as his kids (40 years ago); and, one of his close friends was a very close and dear friend of mine who was Chairman of the Minneapolis (9th District) Federal Reserve Bank Board of Directors — our regional central bank before they went crazy printing money.

    I have a deep affinity for you as a speaker and entrepreneur. Your manner has always been upright. You needn’t feel embarrassed about any of the things that you have done in the past. I’ve been following you since the beginning and am quite comfortable with you and share your episodes with friends who are marketers.

    Currently, I send $230 USD to three families who I’ve gotten to know well in Ghana. We have become a family, so I am low on investment funds for my business at the moment.

    If you want to answer the question as to how otherwise capable people with disabilities can get in on MOBE, I’m sure the episode would be a hit.

    The question I have, succinctly put, is how much money is necessary to start a MOBE MTTP business to draw in $3,000 USD per month — and, given that most of us are of average or above average intelligence, how long does it take to create that low amount of income from MOBE (from an average of what you’ve seen over the years)?

    With best wishes and continued encouragement,



    Barry N. Peterson
    Minneapolis, MN (A cosmopolitan city in Minnesota-USA)