Episode 155: “How do I respond to people who want to know what I am selling?”

Today’s episode comes from one of our Platinum partners, who is participating in our Immersion program in Kota Kinabalu where we work one-on-one to practice and implement various marketing strategies.

Steve wants to know how to respond to people who approach him wanting to know more about what he is doing in his business.

I explain that my response would be to try to uncover what the person’s interests or needs are to see if there is a way for me to help them.

By starting a dialog, you can develop a relationship and then you can see opportunities where you can offer your assistance.

For example, if you know this person is interested in starting their own business, you might introduce them to MTTB. However, it they are already in business, but are struggling in certain areas, you might introduce them to MOBE Marketplace.

MOBE Marketplace has a number of products to help small business owners in a variety of areas. To see our current list of products, click Here.

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