Episode 166: “With your travel schedule, how do you stay on top of things?”

Today’s question comes from one of our Diamond clients who was here in Malaysia for a filming day in the MOBE Film Studio. If you are interested in booking film time in the MOBE Film Studio, click Here.

Leslie, from the USA, wants to know how I manage my time, given my heavy travel schedule?

I share that currently, I spent about one third of the year traveling.

I explain that it’s very important that I am able to delegate authority to the trusted teams that I have put in place to help me run MOBE. I admit that sometimes it is difficult for me to let go.

The key to delegation is trust. I have a very strong team here at MOBE because I have chosen top notch people for MOBE’s most important positions, and while I always monitor how they do their jobs, I know that I must let go and trust them to take care of business if I want MOBE to continue to grow.

Do you struggle with time management issues? MOBE Marketplace has a number of products that teach time management skills. For a current list products available, click Here.

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