Episode 17: “I don’t have the resources to get started. Should I just quit before I get started or owe any more money?”

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  1. John Ukonu says:

    Thanks Matt for your response.This particular episode is quite insightful.There is a saying that where there is a will there will always be a way.


    John Ukonu.

  2. teresa rice says:

    hey, matt Teresa here, your system is amazing you are genius so am I

  3. Robert De La Cruz says:

    Well said, straight to the point. Not really harsh to speak your mind.

  4. Anali Estrada says:

    You are absolutely right. You are an encouraging speaker, I enjoy Learning from you. I cant wait to meet you in person and learn first hand from you. when I join I want to join as a PLATINUM MASTERMIND. I am working on the financing. Thank you for my beginning of changing my life and this great opportunity.

  5. Bright B. Upoh says:

    You read my mind. I was actualy thinking on how to raise money tfort this programe. Thanks. Have the best day.

  6. Judy Cheon says:

    Matt: What a great inspiration you are! Your are completely correct. Mindset is one of the most important things toward a successful business. Even when life slaps you down, you get up and keep going. Someone told me this: The only time you lose is when you quit.

  7. Thank you very much Matt Lioyd,i love this part of lesson,i appreciate.

  8. I was thinking on where to look out for money to invest on this life changing machine call MOBE,but with this step 17 of MTTB am highly encouraged,thank you very much MATT i appreciate.

  9. anthony unruh says:

    hey..you did great job with your speech .. that’s an old but true say’n if there’s
    a will there’s a way .. and we need to remember it takes some time and effort to
    get started and be willing to do the daily effort .. down the road we can all be thankful .. the mindset has got to be worked with a lot of people want the now money!!THANKS

  10. BEAULAH EISES says:

    I really want to partner with this amazing company …Am currently a student based in INDIA ORIGINALLY FROM NAMIBIA BASED IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. I’ve been doing alot of research on affiliated marketing as if now i decided am gonna save up so right after my joining and 21 step MTTB I CAN SCALE UP….AM LOOKING FORWARD TOWARDS BECOMING AN MEMBER AT MY TOP TIER BUSINESS.A TRUE ENTREPRENEUR IS READY TO GIVE ALL RISK IT ALL..MATT thank you really

  11. Agico says:

    So how about starting selling MOBE with the 50% commission than scaling it up? would that be a bad idea? or would it be considered Not possible?

    Please any point of views would be highly helpful.

    Thank you

  12. Jan dresel says:

    Well for my license I was working little bit more and make extra 2000$ in two weeks. Now my goal is to generate other 2000$ So I got little base to place adds .will see how it works . Compliment to you Matt you are value creator you are the legitiment leader because whit you creation you brings food on the table for others thanks jan

  13. Rene Bourdin says:

    Just as you Matt ,
    you like your sayings
    and I’m no different.
    I’ve carried this one
    in my mind since I was
    a young teenager back
    in the sixties.

    I hope you enjoy!

    We the willing
    Led by the unknown
    Have done so much
    For so long
    With so little
    That we are now Qualified
    To do anything with nothing

  14. Yves says:

    That is really a new mindset for me, and as i live in belgium, people are not thinking like that in my sourrounding.

    I will not be easy for me to put this advice into practice; because even in my family, there are close people who are thinking at the opposite, being stuck with a 9 to 5 job.

    What can i do to change my mindset, and be committed in having the right mindset for an entrepreneur or businessman.