Episode 170: “When a competitor is publicly bashing your business, at what point do you decide to take legal action against them?”

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Mike, from Kansas, wants to know how long do you put up with a competitor who publicly bashes your business before you take legal action against them?

I explain that, unfortunately, I have a lot of experience in this area. I would prefer to only focus on building my own business; but sadly, there are times when you have to address negative and untruthful attacks.

Anytime you have a successful business, the more public your success is, the more “cockroaches”, as I call them, will come out of the woodwork. These are people who will use your success as their marketing strategy by saying bad things about your business in order to drive traffic to theirs.

Often times, their attacks are small and can be ignored and they disappear. If I feel a need to address it, I always respond politely and simply ask the person to stop the dishonest attack. Sometimes, however, when an attack is aggressive, you must take legal action against it in order to take a stand that you will not allow yourself to be wrongfully attacked.

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