Episode 172: “Matt, why are you so cheap?”

I’m recording today’s episode of ‘Ask Matt Lloyd’ from my hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States after a very successful Super Charge Summit, a 3 day event for Super Affiliates who want to take their MOBE business to the next level. We offered the Super Charge Summit 3 times this year; once in Australia, once in the US and once in the UK. Our UK event is next weekend in London and we still have a few tickets available. For more information, click Here.  NOTE:  we have decided to add one more Super Charge Summit this year – December 4 – 6, in Singapore.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Today’s question comes from an anonymous staffer who wants to know: “Matt, why are you so cheap?”

First and foremost, let me say that I prefer the word “frugal”.

Secondly, I explain that my frugal nature comes from my upbringing on a wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia; where I watched my parents work very hard and struggle to make ends meet. Growing up, I was often told that we didn’t have enough money for certain things and I was taught from an early age the value of saving as opposed to spending.

Most importantly, I discuss that when it comes to investing in advertising for my business or spending money in a situation where I can expect a return on my investment – in those situations, I am quite free with my spending.

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