Episode 178: “How would you advise me to promote MOBE in other countries?”

Today’s question comes from Susan Rutherford in Australia, who wants to know how I would advise her marketing of MOBE if she was to tailor it to another country?

I explain that MOBE is currently very active in English speaking countries and that our 3 biggest markets are the US, Australia, and the UK. I talk about our future plans to offer MOBE in Spanish and then, hopefully in Chinese. I discuss how the internet age has made it possible to promote MOBE to anyone in the world  – from anywhere there is an internet connection.

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  1. Tavo says:

    Make MOBE in spanish. Im ON.



    1. Nate Rio says:

      Tavo , gracias por leer nuestro blog .

      Tenemos planes en el futuro para integrar otros idiomas en la programación MOBE .

      Por ahora , podemos ponerle en contacto con algunas personas de habla hispana que pueden ayudarle a determinar si usted desea conseguir comenzado .

      Espero que esto se traduce también!

      ¡Salud –
      Nate Río