Episode 179: “Can you tell us about your goal to make MOBE the #1 small business training company in the world?”

Today’s question comes from Diamond members Chris & Susan Beesley in the UK, who want to know about current plans on the horizon as MOBE continues its quest to be the  #1 small business training company in the world.

I talk about our plans for achieving this goal, by growing the number of educational products we offer, adding more done-for-you services, and also creating more live training events.

By the way, if you’re interested in promoting any of these programs and getting paid very well for your efforts, you should considering joining MOBE’s affiliate program.

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  1. Thank you Matt for answering our question on your ‘Ask Matt Lloyd’ segment. Our mentors, sponsors & friends, Chris & Susan Beesley, were kind enough to pose the question to you.
    We are both grateful to you for answering our question, and thank you too, for the exciting changes that are happening in MOBE!
    Here’s to a FANTASTIC future to us all!
    Steve & Sam Harradine.