Episode 182: “What plans do you have for live events in the future?”

Today’s question comes from one of our Platinum Members, Susan Rutherford from Australia who wants to know what plans we have for live events in the future.

I explain that we have just published the 2016 mastermind schedule so that our members can make their travel plans early enough to take advantage of low cost airline offers.  I also explain that we are planning to offer more Supercharge Summits  in 2016.  Events will continue to play a big part in MOBE’s quest to become the No. 1 small business education training company in the world.

To see a listing and description of MOBE events, click Here.

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  1. Nando says:

    Here is the exact link, which is available on the link above:


  2. Steve Turton says:

    Hi Matt, it’s too bad to hear the Australian market is slow to get on board wit events and I presume memberships too. I don’t promote too much to Aussies because of the small market and worsening exchange rate. Personally I would love to see a lot of Aussies involved, maybe someday!

    1. Nate Rio says:

      Hey Steve –

      Yes, the market is a little slow right now in AUS. As they say in business – go where the customers are. Remember that too in your own marketing.

      I’m sure we’ll be back soon for more live events there real soon!

      Talk soon,
      Nate Rio

  3. Lynell says:

    Aren’t you worried about over working? I mean.. You could tip your scale on having balance if you’re doing this many events.

    Not trying to sound like your mother or anything.. I’d just hate to see your have some kind of breakdown like another guy I know.

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