Episode 183: “What is a persons’ financial thermostat, and why is it so important?”

Today’s question comes from Jacques Van Niekerk, the young son of one of our Diamond Members, Herman Van Niekerk. Jacques was his father’s guest at the Platinum Mastermind in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

He’d heard me speak about the concept of a person’s financial thermostat, and wanted to know more.

At the MOBE Mastermind events we discuss these kind of things.

It starts with the Titanium Mastermind, where we train on marketing and business building.

At the Platinum Mastermind we discuss wealth creation and also wealth retention.

And then at the Diamond Mastermind, we actually build a customized sales funnel around you and your business which you can use to dramatically increase sales.

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  1. I listened video and I realized that you’re right if a man spends the money gets out of his hands quickly. That’s what I’m thinking that the money needs replacement, to find. In other words, do not just spend, we are looking to make money. Because the assets, if no slip away quickly comes to the supply. I think so too . In this we agree with some of my friends. It must be ensured that the money grow in the job. http://m0be.com/evi0420

  2. Norman Nelson says:

    I need help to get entouch with my coach so I can learn how to start making money.

    1. Nate Rio says:

      Norman – you can reach our support team 24/7 at 1-844-662-3787 (1-844-MOBESUPPORT)

  3. Belden Morea says:

    I wanted to join but how much monet i will start with

  4. Belden Morea says:

    sir i have no capital in big just the small to start but how can start and how much moeny for stsrting