Episode 191: “What is the best strategy for purchasing We Sell Good Traffic?”

Today’s question comes from Platinum member, Steve Turton from Australia, who wants to know what the best strategy is when purchasing MTTB buyer leads from We Sell Good Traffic?

I explain my strategy for the size of the package you want to buy, the frequency of purchasing, and the followup that I recommend you do in order to create relationships with your leads.

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  1. Attiq says:

    I have tried follow up, no success so far. I will try to engage my customers again. To see if they start to up the steps.

    1. Nate Rio says:

      Hey Attiq –

      It sounds like you are progressing. At every marketer’s point in their career – they see that traffic is not really the issue – it’s conversions! So now that you understand this, you can really focus on what makes people go from “interest” to a buyer!

      Best –
      Nate Rio