Episode 199: “How do you choose such amazing resorts for your mastermind events and why is it so important?”

Today’s episode was recorded during our 2nd Diamond Mastermind of 2015, in Cancun Mexico.  The question comes from Diamond members Chris and Susan Beesley from the UK. They want to know how I go about choosing resorts in which to hold our mastermind events and why that is so important to me.

I explain that choosing a luxurious resort in an exotic location is an important part of the Mastermind model because it allows our partners to immerse themselves in different environment – away from their ordinary routine.

Being immersed in a tropical environment allows for unique networking opportunities, promotes learning, and encourages mindset adjustment.

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  1. polywan says:

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  2. I’m confused here Matt when i got started in mobe last May you mentioned in the 21 steps training that one can do this business from any where in the world as one makes money with mobe, noe you mentioned in this video that one does not get to travel much so what your saying is without the masterminds one does not get to travel much yet much earlier you said one can do this business from anywhere in the world this is not making any sense at all

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