Episode 20: “What’s the difference between MTTB and MOBE?”

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  1. Paula Williams says:

    Well, I am getting close to the last step and so far i have discovered that I know that I need to start all in or it does not make sense to do this. You have come a long way since 2011 when I first joined and couldn’t figure out what to do. These videos are wonderful and give great information but I need more information still in order to know how to get a landing page that will produce the kind of income I am looking for. Unfortunately this time of the year is my busiest since I do Taxes but that is only going to last for about one month then I intend to devote all of my time to this program. I have no doubt that I will make more here than I make in my Accounting business. I am looking forward to working one on one with your staff in order to promote my part of this. You have come a long way since 2011 and I can attest to that from personal knowledge.

    1. Run says:

      Hi Matt.I run a couple of busesensis at present, making and distributing non digital products. I am highly motivated and have been looking at opportunities similar to what you have done for many years. I agree with Pete and Roger’s comments above. I have paid out some hefty sums looking at making me a return on these investments but soon realised that the people peddeling digital products make most of their money by selling to lots of people and not actually by using the system themselves. This has left me very sceptical about digital products. The main concern is that you could be selling something that many others are selling as well. I am a keen follower of Sports and Horse Racing. When I was employed before I started my first business I was very up to date on all things horse racing and football betting related. Since starting my own business I soon realised that I had little time to spend looking at form and stats and since then my betting has become far more limited. On the plus side I am a lot more disciplined now when I put down my hard earned money. I read your daily emails when I get the chance and yesterday really enjoyed the form study video and found it an excellent watch. Due to the economic climate things are very tough at the moment and I would love the opportunity of creating more of a lifestyle business than the really hard slog and being tied to the buisnesses as I currently am. If nothing else it would provide some much needed extra revenue. There is a fantastic book from Michael Gerber called the E Myth and he talks about working on the Business and not in the Buisness. If you read this book it will tell you exactly where I am in my life. I do need to get to see and understand a lot more about geegeez.co.uk and yourself in general. But it does look like you could be one of the good guys Matt and I hope if there is a genuine opprtunity out there that you can show I would be very interested in finding out about it. Look forward to checking out further updates and what opportunities there are out there from yourself.Best RegardsKevin.