Episode 200: “If you could go back to the beginning, what would you do differently in building MOBE, and why?”

Today’s episode is a very special one – it’s Number 200!

So to mark the occasion, I decided to do it live from stage at our Diamond Mastermind here in Cancun Mexico.

The question comes from Diamond member Brandon Smith from the UK. Brandon wants to know what I would do differently in setting up MOBE if I had to do it all over again, and why?

I honestly believe that if you’re new in our industry, and you implement what I tell you here in this video, you’ll save yourself at least 1 year of making mistakes.


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  1. sara says:

    Thanks Matt, for your insights. It is always easy to look back and say what I would/should have done differently. All of your suggestions including having the confidence to spend money, not be afraid, getting out of our comfort zone still take time. Your mentioned knowing how to sell, how to find the right traffic, doing webinars, all things you need to learn how to do. This all takes time. I’m not sure that you going through these experiences is going to help me to not go through these experiences. WE all have to go through what we have to go through to get where we are going. Diving into it with no knowledge about something new is very difficult, not just very uncomfortable. The getting out of your comfort zone skill (which I totally agree with) is something a person needs to develop.

  2. Steve Turton says:

    Episode 200 was a gem Matt. I think people need to replay this over once a month so they don’t slip back into their comfort zones.

  3. Mike says:


    I saw your email regarding this post and video hit my inbox a couple days ago. Got onto Facebook today and low and behold you posted in the group the same link. Thank you for Episode 200 and not quitting after 15!

    I’ve been uncomfortable with a number of the things you speak about. I have my first webinar in the works and working on Facebook paid traffic to capture leads. It’s a huge step for me.

    But my business has sucked! And I know it’s a direct result of me. Getting out of that comfort zone is so important. My success will intern lead to my own product(s).


  4. Matt Thanks for the video. Very good and valuable experience, what you said is true. Party people get started, but to contribute, there is nothing to get started and it really worries me. Reading comment Unfortunately there are many people I see are in the same shoes into which I was. You’re a man standing alone or in whom there but the family is in need. It should be an opportunity for people to get their experiences. Do not just the big bucks to play a role. Perhaps you find diamonds among the little people. The translation does not answer.http://m0be.com/evi0420

  5. Well said Matt, seems like people today are burnt out on e products and content. Live events is where the true connections are made

    1. nate.rio@mobe.com says:

      You bet James.

      People lose sight of the human connection and the “good ol’ fashioned’ business (as I like to put it).

      If you can network with people, build relationships, JV partners, use the phone, and the “old school” business methods, you will do well in this business.

      And just like in every industry out there – training events are where the big deals and ideas are made! Moral of the story – get out there and get to an event – you never know what brilliance may come of it!

  6. Katie Munch says:

    Matt, thank you for this very helpful video. I appreciate that it is time consuming for you to make these videos, but they are all so helpful! It also helps newbies, like me, feel more a part of your organization. You are my direct sponsor and these videos and all the emails I receive, and also the Facebook groups, help me feel more connected to you. Can’t wait to get to a live event and meet you personally. Before even completing the 21 steps, I understood the importance of positioning myself in the organization. Could only manage Platinum at that time, but look forward to the day I can become a diamond. Am now working with my traffic coach and have driven a couple of thousand dollars in solo ad traffic. I’m saving to purchase buyers also from WSGT. Getting other things in order too, so I can drive traffic to my own lead page and then to the affiliate links from there and build my own list. Every “Ask Matt Lloyd” episode that I listen to teaches me something important and they are short enough to fit into just about every day. You are awesome and because you have told your story, I understand that I can be awesome also. THANK YOU!! Katie

    1. nate.rio@mobe.com says:

      Thanks for the info Katie! We look forward to seeing you again real soon and watching your business take off!

  7. jamie walker says:

    I’m just not sure about this unless you already have money to invest. I can handle $49 but about 4 steps in, it looks like I need $2495 for the licensed kit. Nobody around me has that kind of money. I am a little bummed but I continue with the steps but I still feel I missed out. I continue with the next few steps. Now I have a ewallet with nothing but it is active. Next few steps to make a lot of money you need to be platinum and/or diamond. I have not been able to see how just to get started. Even if I could get licensed, I cannot afford traffic. I just feel I have lost out because I could take action in step 4 and 6. I have learned allot so far. I am not a quitter so until end, I will see you in the next step 🙂

    1. nate.rio@mobe.com says:

      Hey Jamie –

      This is a common concern for many who are just starting out.

      Remember this crucial and key point. In business, you need 1 of 2 things: Knowledge/Expertise or capital. Those that succeed have either 1 or the other, and often times both (or the ability to gain both somehow).

      So if you have a capital problem, that can be overcome. So can the education problem. You just need to spend more time on that on the frontend until you learn ways to get more capital (or earn it).

      I know this is very simplistic, but you need to see it that way. Those who not only succeed with MOBE, but in business in general treat this like a business. So you have to start making your decisions as the owner/leader of your company.

      I hope this makes sense.

      We’ll see you soon.

      Cheers –

  8. Matt, Thank you for the outstanding advise. Ann

    1. nate.rio@mobe.com says:

      Hey Ann –

      Thanks for tuning in. We hope we can help out in any way we can along the way.

  9. Rickland Conley says:

    Matt my question is what are the prices for all of our products and services individually?

    1. nate.rio@mobe.com says:

      Hi Rickland –

      As you know, we have literally hundreds of products. Here are a few quick places to look at prices:

      1. MOBEMarketplace.com – these are all of our ancillary and 3rd party products. All the prices are listed there
      2. You can also see the prices on everything in your Compensation plan booklet. Get a copy of this by reaching out to support (if you already do not have one). +1-844-MOBESUPPORT.