Episode 203: “What is the #1 obstacle that people have for joining the MOBE Affiliate program, and what advice do you give to get them around it?”

Today’s episode was recorded during our 2nd Diamond Mastermind of 2015, in Cancun Mexico.  The question comes from Diamond member John Sherrod. John wants to know what the number one obstacle is that slows people down from joining the MOBE affiliate program and what advice do I give them to get around it?

I explain that the biggest obstacle that I see in new people considering joining our affiliate program is mindset. People with an employee mindset are geared to think about trading time for money. People with a business owner mindset understand that they get paid based on results.

I discuss how I would advise someone struggling with that concept. I explain that in order for an affiliate to be successful, they have to accept responsibility for their own results.

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