Episode 206: “What is the difference between two affiliates who both work hard, but one finds success and the other does not?”

Today’s episode was recorded during our 2nd Diamond Mastermind of 2015, in Cancun Mexico.  The question comes from Diamond member Nellie Shen, from Canada. Nellie wants to know what is the difference between two affiliates who are both working hard at their businesses – but one finds monetary success and the other does not.

I talk about the different types of people in internet marketing – and I explain that it’s not always the smartest people who are successful.

I share that I, myself, got off to a slow start because I wanted to learn first and I wanted everything to be perfect before I implemented.

I discuss how I soon realized that the best way to be successful was to take action – even if it was the wrong action – because learning from my mistakes was the best teacher that I could possible have.

I explain that having good success is the direct result of taking revenue producing actions.

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