Episode 210: “Why is it so important to have your own self-branded sales funnel in internet marketing?”

Today’s episode was recorded during our 2nd Diamond Mastermind of 2015, in Cancun Mexico.  At the Diamond Mastermind, we build self-branded sales funnels for each of our members.  Today’s question comes from Diamond member Scott Lofthouse from Anchorage, Alaska in the United States. Scott wants to know why a self-branded sales funnel is so important in internet marketing.

I talk about the 3 different levels of affiliate marketing and the skill sets necessary at each level.

At level one, you are a novice and you begin to learn about driving traffic to an offer.

At level two, you begin build your own list and learn about lead capture pages and you begin to brand yourself as a guru.

At level three, you begin to send traffic from your list to your own product – with your self-branded sales funnel.

It’s possible to make money at each of these levels, but at level three, you are positioned correctly in the eyes of your prospects and therefore, it is infinitely easier to make a sale because you have developed relationships with your subscribers.

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