Episode 215: “When you were first starting out, how did you keep the proper mindset and work through the dark times when things were tough?”

Today’s episode was recorded during our 2nd Diamond Mastermind of 2015, in Cancun Mexico.  The question comes from Diamond member Shamira Sontag from Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. Shamira wants to know how I worked through the dark times as a young entrepreneur, when things didn’t go right and how I was able to keep the right mindset until things worked out.

I explain that in the early days of my online marketing career, I had plenty of dark times when I hadn’t made any sales and the people around me were not supportive at all.

I discuss how my stubborn nature kept me determined to prove everyone wrong who said that I couldn’t do this – even my parents – who continued to push me to give up and go back to my university studies.

I talk about how strong my resolution became as I invested more time and more money and how HOPE coupled with ACTION were the keys to getting me through the dark times and on to a successful entrepreneurial path.

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