Episode 223: “How do you respond to critics who think your plan to diversify into the resort industry is too much of an unrelated business?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with one of our Diamond Mastermind partners, Steve Turton, from Australia. Steve was in Kuala Lumpur to utilize his film day that is included with any Diamond Mastermind investment. Steve wanted to talk about my recent interest in the resort industry and wondered if I had any concerns about diversifying my investments in something so different than MOBE.

I talk about the similarities between the hotel/resort industry and the seminar industry – which is currently the primary focus of MOBE.  I discuss my long term plans for how I see the two businesses working together.

I freely admit my lack of experience or knowledge about the resort industry – and share that I will be using professionals to manage any resort business in which I am involved.

I explain that because I am conservative in nature, I would not risk the entire future of MOBE for any investment opportunity, and therefore the amount of investment I am considering is a very small percentage of MOBE’s cash reserves.

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