Episode 230: “Under what circumstance should an affiliate promote MLR as their initial offer?”

Today’s episode was recorded in a restaurant on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Diamond Member Steve Winn who had spent a few days in KL  that included a  5 hour consult day with me; as well as his Diamond Mastermind film day in the MOBE Film Studio at our corporate headquarters. Steve wants to know if there are circumstances when it would be advisable for an affiliate to promote MLR as their initial offer.

I explain that under normal circumstances with a new affiliate, I would not recommend this because it requires a higher skill level in marketing.

I talk about situations that I would recommend selling MLR directly. Those situations would include an affiliate who has had some good success with their marketing business and is comfortable speaking and selling before an audience.

I explain that in that scenario, I would recommend selling higher ticket items like MLR on a webinar or at a live event.

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