Episode 231: “Do you have a backup plan in place to protect the future of MOBE, should something unfortunate happen to you?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with one of our Diamond Mastermind partners, Steve Turton, from Australia. Steve was in Kuala Lumpur to utilize his film day that is included with any Diamond Mastermind investment. Steve wants to know if I have put into place a backup plan just in case something unfortunate should happen to me.

I acknowledge that my untimely demise would create challenges for my team; however I share that I have every confidence that MOBE would carry on in my absence.

I discuss MOBE’s corporate structure that includes my trusted Division managers through out the company who currently handle ongoing company matters and would continue to do so should anything happen to me.

I talk about my fairly conservative lifestyle – which I have toned down as MOBE has continued to grow – in response to my increased responsibility to the MOBE community – MOBE staff, customers, and affiliates.

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