Episode 235: “What advice can you give to a college drop-out who wants to start a business but keeps finding obstacles?”

Today’s episode was recorded live at the Titanium Mastermind in Phuket Thailand.  A guest of one of our Titanium members, Gilly Haim, from South Africa, wants to know if I have any regrets about dropping out of university and if I have advice for someone who dropped out and is trying to tackle obstacles that keep occurring in the business world.

I share my experience as a new college dropout and how I realized that, for me, I had to remove any distractions that were keeping me from focusing 100% on my business.

I talk about the struggles that I encountered and explain that my success took many months of overcoming obstacles and trying different things as I tried to figure out the best way to get good results.

I discuss my firm belief that nothing beats real world experience in the business world.

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