Episode 239: “What are your 5 greatest strengths; and the things you spend most of your time focused on?”

Today’s question comes from one of our clients who is attending our Immersion Program that followed the most recent Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand. Immersion is a one-on-one coaching program that is offered to a small group of entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level. We usually offer Immersion as an add-on program after one of our Masterminds.

Diamond Member Tony Ashbolt is a successful business owner who joined MOBE because he is looking for the time freedom that comes with an internet business like MOBE. Tony wants to know what are my 5 greatest strengths – and the things that I spend most of my time focused on.

I offer some insight into how I spend my work time and share how I prioritize my time.

I talk about the tasks that I do myself; as well as the ones I outsource to my team.

I discuss what I believe is the single most important component in your business: Consistent and Persistent Communication with your list – and why it is so critical to continuously cultivate and protect your biggest asset.

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