Episode 240: “What are the most important things a new marketer needs to create a successful marketing campaign?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Diamond member Steve Winn was visiting the film studio for his Diamond Film day. Steve wants to know what are the most important things that someone new to internet marketing should have to create successful marketing campaigns.

I explain that the first thing you need to have is a good front end offer.

I discuss the second most important thing – which is to get your offer in front of the right audience.

Next, I explain ways for you to find the right offer, how to find the right audience and how to monetize the entire process.

An important component of any marketing campaign is the affiliate program behind it. One of the best affiliate programs on the market currently is this one HERE.

If you’d like more tips on how to grow your business, you should also check out this resource.

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