Episode 252: “How important is it to have an accountability partner in your business?”

Today’s episode was recorded during the first annual MOBE Leaders’ Cruise during one of our stops in Cozumel, Mexico. One of MOBE’s top affiliates, Diamond Member, Susan Beesley, from the UK wants to know if I think it is important to have an accountability partner.

I explain that ultimately your accountability is to yourself and if you have to constantly push yourself to stay motivated and accountable, you might be in the wrong business.

That being said, I share that I have set some accountability markers in place for myself.  I have selected a few consultants that I pay handsomely to mentor and guide me regularly and having them in place helps to keep me accountable to meet the goals I set for myself and my business.

I also discuss my responsibility to stay accountable to all of MOBE’s staff, affiliates, and customers because they have invested their time and their money into our programs and systems and that makes me accountable to insure that I am constantly providing value to them.

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