Episode 253: “Now that MOBE has over $100 Million in sales revenue, how do you invest your own personal money?”

Today’s episode was recorded during the first annual MOBE Leaders’ Cruise during one of our stops in Cozumel, Mexico. One of MOBE’s top affiliates, Diamond Member, MeiDee Lim, from Connecticut in the United States wants to know how I invest my earnings from MOBE now that we have earned over $100 million dollars in revenue.

First of all, I clarify that a large portion of the sales revenue that is received by MOBE is immediately paid out to our MOBE affiliates in commissions.  Additionally, another large portion is used to cover MOBE operating expenses and staff costs.

Beyond that, I explain that first and foremost, I always reinvest sales proceeds back into MOBE, purchasing paid traffic that will bring in more sales.

I explain that I have a diversified investment strategy and share some of favorites investments, including some recent real estate plans and an affinity for liquid assets so that I always have access to available cash.

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