Episode 254: “How does someone earn a ticket to the MOBE Leaders’ Cruise, and what is the plan for future Leaders’ Cruises?”

Today’s episode was recorded during the first annual MOBE Leaders’ Cruise during one of our stops in Cozumel, Mexico. One of MOBE’s top affiliates, Diamond Member, Carolina Millan, from Chile, wants to know the best and fastest way for an affiliate to earn $100,000 in MOBE commissions and therefore, a ticket on the next MOBE Leaders’ Cruise and, also what my plans are for Leaders’s Cruises in the future.

I discuss the qualifications for earning a ticket on the Leader’s Cruise and strategies a new affiliate can implement in order to qualify.

I talk about my plans to make the Leaders’ Cruise an annual event where top affiliates can network and exchange ideas with one another while sailing through the Caribbean.

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