Episode 259: “One Of My Team Members Bought 2500 Clicks And Only Got 1 Front End Sale From Them. They Purchased Solo Ads – What Advice Can You Give Someone With These Kind Of Results?”

Today’s episode was recorded during the first annual MOBE Leaders’ Cruise during one of our stops in Cozumel, Mexico. One of MOBE’s top affiliates, Diamond Member, Carolina Millan, from Chile, wants to know “One of my team members bought 2500 clicks and only got 1 front end sale from them. They purchased solo ads – what advice can you give someone with these kinds of results?”

On the face of it, it can look like a bit of a disaster, but I explain how you can recover from it and take a long term perspective on what has happened.

Beyond that, I explain how it can take time to break even when purchasing this amount of clicks.

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