Episode 261: “Should I teach my kids to be entrepreneurs or to get good grades in school?”

Today’s episode was recorded during the Christmas holidays at my parents’ farm where I grew up. Our farm is located about 5 hours away from Perth, Australia.  Not only is it a great place to spend time with my family, it is a quiet place where I can unplug for the world for a bit to reflect on my business and plan the strategies that I want to implement for MOBE in the future. The question comes from Susan who lives in New South Wales. Susan wants to know if I think she should encourage her children to be entrepreneurs or focus on getting good grades in school?

I share some of my childhood experiences,  my first business venture with my older brother at the farm, and how my parents encouraged my siblings and me to explore the world as entrepreneurs .

I discuss my very first sales experience and the feeling of euphoria it gave me to know that I could be a businessman running my own business rather than spending my life trading time for money.

I explain my philosophy that learning how to sell is an invaluable skill and that encouraging your children to have an entrepreneurial spirit is a gift that will open up endless opportunities for the rest of their lives.

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