Episode 262 – “How do you handle it when someone writes something negative about you or your company?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in our corporate offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of our MOBE affiliates wants to know how I handle it when someone attacks me or MOBE by writing something negative.

I explain that I have some experience with this topic and warn that whenever you achieve any level of success in business, inevitably someone (almost always a competitor) will eventually attack you or your business – if, for no other reason, than to draw attention to themselves or to their own business.

I talk about the first big attack that I received and how my knee-jerk reaction and defensive response backfired because it only drew more attention to the negative review that started it all.

I discuss how I learned that a diplomatic and transparent response where I offered to discuss the issue with those who wanted to contact me was the best way to properly address a negative review.

I also offer that almost all of the attacks that we have received in MOBE’s history have come from people who never bought our products – and who ended their review with an offer to sell a product of their own.

Lastly, I share that, as a last resort, I will use litigation to address an erroneous and deceptive review – and, in fact, did just that within the last few weeks.

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