Episode 268: “How Do You Recommend Promoting MOBE Online When It Is So Focused On Making Money Online, Yet Many Advertising Sources Don’t Like This Type Of Promotion?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my personal office at our corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The question was asked recently at our Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand by Diamond member Elisha de Jonge  from Australia. Elisha wanted to know how I would recommend promoting MOBE online as an offer to make money when most advertising sources don’t allow this type of promotion.

I explain that it is true that some advertising sources such as Facebook and Bing don’t allow business opportunity offers such as 45 Minute Paydays, MTTB, or Internet Funnel Systems so it’s important to know how to promote an offer to your audience for maximum effect while staying within the rules of any particular advertising platform.

I discuss how the product offerings we have on MOBE.com are more focused on education rather than on making money, and give several examples of our courses.

I suggest a way that you can tailor your promotion toward non-money making offers on these advertising platforms in order to capture leads and then, over time, you can place those leads in front of your money making offers.

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