Episode 270: “How do you manage a staff of over 100 people when they are scattered throughout the world?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my personal office at our corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was recorded during a skype call with Diamond member John Chow from Irvine, California in the US.  John is one of MOBE’s top affiliates and he wants to know how I am able to manage a company of over 100 people who are scattered throughout the world.

I explain that MOBE is a hybrid company with over 180 staff;  approximately 15% working here in the Kuala Lumpur office and 85% working virtually throughout the world.

I discuss the pros and cons of having a virtual company such as ours and share some information about how our corporate structure is broken down by divisions and departments.

I talk about how hard my staff works behind the scenes to help me run MOBE and I stress how important it is in an organization such as ours to pick the right kind of people for each important role in the company.

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