Episode 271: “What is the greatest danger facing most internet marketers?”

Today’s episode was recorded in my personal office at our corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was recorded during a skype call with Diamond member Bill Pescosolido from Texas in the United States.  Bill and his partner, Michelle Pescosolido are MOBE top affiliates who will cross the One Million Dollar mark within the next few months. Bill wants to know what are the greatest dangers facing most internet marketers.

I talk about how I was taught, like many others, to drive traffic to a lead capture page and build a list and how, later, I recognized that, although effective, that strategy made me dependent on just one communication channel.

I discuss how I learned to take any initial marketing content and tweak it where appropriate so that I could use the same basic material in several different forms.

I explain how I began to use multiple communication channels in order to diversify my business and protect it from the ever changing landscape of affiliate marketing.

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