Episode 272: “How did you achieve the mindset shift that took you from $700 per month to $7 Figures per month?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Florida in the United States while I attending a business conference where I ran into one of MOBE’s top affiliates, Andrea Goodsaid from Gainsville, Florida, was also attending the conference. Andrea wants to know how I was able to achieve the change in mindset that allowed me to scale from $700 per month in revenue to over $7 figures per month in revenue.

I explain that it wasn’t one single mindset shift, but a series of small things in my mindset that helped me to scale up my business.

I talk about a situation that stands out in my mind as a learning point – where I began to understand that my course of action didn’t have to perfect before I implemented it.

I found that I could set a plan in motion and then tweak it along the way and that was the best way for me to learn what worked and what didn’t.

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