Episode 276: “What is a good example of an irresistible offer to present to my list?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Sydney, Australia at MOBE’s first Supercharge Summit of 2016. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE affiliates held in various locations throughout the world.

MOBE Affiliate Anchu is brand new to MOBE and he wants to know if I can give him an example of an irresistible offer that he can present to his list.

I explain that an irresistible offer is an offer that requires your subscribers to take action right away in order to receive something of value for free or at a reduced rate.

I give a step by step example that would require your subscribers to purchase a front end offer within 24 hours in order to be awarded a free gift that had a value of $197.

Irresistible offers are a great way to turn subscribers into customers.

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