Episode 282: “With all of your recent success, what are your next big goals for MOBE?”

Today’s episode was recorded in a taxi cab on the way to the airport after the Supercharge Summit in Sydney Australia. Diamond member and MOBE top affiliate, Shaqir Hussyin, from London, wants to know what are my next big goals for MOBE.

I explain that first and foremost, my main priority will always be for MOBE to pay out the highest commissions possible in order to attract the best affiliates so that we remain the best affiliate marketing company in the world.

I discuss my long term direction of the company for continued growth of our educational platform,  MOBE Marketplace so that we can continue our quest to be the number one training resource for small business owners in the world.

I talk about my plans to fine-tune all  MOBE Live Events throughout the globe so that we are providing a proper, detailed curriculum at each one; as well as moving toward a certification program that will offer even more value to our affiliates and our customers.

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