Episode 286: “Why is MOBE a better affiliate program than any of the many others in the Internet Marketing niche?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Sydney, Australia at MOBE’s first Supercharge Summit of 2016. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE affiliates held in various locations throughout the world.

Diamond member and MOBE top affiliate, Shaqir Hussyin, from London, wants to know why I believe that MOBE is a better affiliate program than any of the other choices available in the market.

I explain that, of course, I am biased, but explain that MOBE’s compensation plan that includes top-tier, back-end commissions makes it far superior to any other program in this niche.

I talk about the extensive followup that happens by the MOBE team after a customer enters our system.

I discuss MOBE Live Events, which offer incredible value to all customers and affiliates, and other incentive programs that are available to all affiliates.

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