Episode 318: “How can I use my background as a physician to enhance my MOBE business?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Singapore at MOBE’s 2nd Supercharge Summit of 2016. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE affiliates held in various locations throughout the world.  Registration is open now for the next two Supercharge Summits:

MOBE Diamond member Janrus, from the Philippines, is currently an ear, nose, and throat surgeon and is new to affiliate marketing. Janrus wants to know how he can use his background as a physician to help boost his MOBE business.

I explain that it’s not important what your background is. What is important is that you are able to tell your story to your audience so that they can relate to your experiences.

I discuss how I was able to relate to my first sponsor and why I chose her to work with over someone who was far more experienced.

I talk about the importance of casting a wide net to attract your audience and why you should avoid specifically targeting people who are just like you.

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