Episode 331: “Being a tech-challenged senior, how can I better understand how all the parts of a sales funnel are connected?”

Today’s episode was recorded at the first Platinum Mastermind of 2016, on the island of Fiji with one of our Platinum partners, Don Riley, who is a fellow Australian, like me.  Don wants to know how he can wrap his head around the technical pieces of a sales funnel.

I point out that understanding the technical side of this business is not a necessary function of an internet marketing business.

I discuss the importance of understanding the fundamentals of affiliate marketing first; whereby you focus on mastering one traffic method in order to bring subscribers to your list.

I explain that learning how to prioritize revenue producing activities first will help to infuse your business with cash flow that you can then reinvest while you are learning the fundamentals that will take your business to the next level.

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