Episode 332: “How do I make my first sale in 30 days?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Singapore at MOBE’s 2nd Supercharge Summit of 2016. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE affiliates held in various locations throughout the world.  Registration is open now for the next Supercharge Summit:

MOBE Diamond partner, Manojkumar Nair and his wife, traveled to Singapore and they would like to know how they can make their first sale in 30 days or less.

I explain the importance of understanding activities you need to engage in that will bring in a sale.

I talk about the strategy of choosing one traffic method and mastering that method before you learn and additional method.

I discuss the concept of consistency in your advertising; taking daily action to place ads and widening your net of subscribers as you begin to make sales and communicate to your list.

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