Episode 338: “How do I sell an affiliate marketing opportunity to other people as being something that’s easy to do, when I myself work so hard at it, and still struggle to get results?”

Today’s episode was recorded following dinner one night at the first Platinum Mastermind of 2016, on the island of Fiji with one of our Platinum partners, Beatrijs van Westerop from the Netherlands.    Beatrijs wants to know how she can promote an affiliate marketing opportunity to other people as being easy to do, when she is working so hard herself, yet struggling to get good results.

I talk about how I struggled with this concept when I was first starting out and I was working full time learning everything I could learn; yet I was not focused on the revenue producing activities that would bring cash into my business.

I discuss three different levels of internet marketing and how each one includes a different time commitment that is proportional to the level of success that you can achieve.

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