Episode 342: “Matt, I see that many of your staff are hardworking and respectful to you. How is that so?”

Today’s episode was recorded in Singapore at MOBE’s 2nd Supercharge Summit of 2016. The Supercharge Summit is an exclusive event for MOBE affiliates held in various locations throughout the world.  Registration is open now for the next two Supercharge Summits:

MOBE Diamond partner, Sharon says that she has noticed that I have a  great team of  hard working staff who support and respect me and wants to know how that is so.

I talk about the 180 (approximately) staff that I have who are stationed throughout the world and how lucky I am to have them.

I discuss the qualities I look for when building my core team and the impact that a good hire and a bad hire can have on your entire organization.

I explain some of the strategies I use to attract and retain good, quality  workers.

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