Episode 344: “For a new affiliate marketer, how often should they conduct sales webinars and where can they find content to teach?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with one of our Diamond Mastermind partners, Chan Nguyen Vong, who lives in Singapore.  Chan wants to know how often a new affiliate marketer should conduct sales webinars, and where is the best place to find content to teach.

I explain how I learned to present a webinar for the first time.

I talk about the importance of knowing your strengths and the things you have to offer to an audience – especially when it involves something that would help them build their business.

I discuss how you can leverage your various successes to create demos for your webinar and teach the audience exactly how you were able to get results.  You can then end your webinar with an attractive offer that will further support the training you just provided.

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