Episode 349: “What is your take on investing in a business versus passive investing for my family’s future?”

Today’s episode was recorded in the MOBE Film Studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with two of our Diamond Mastermind partners, Gil and Chris Perez, who live in Singapore.  Chris would like to know my advice on setting aside funds for their children’s future. She wants to know how I think investing in a business would fare against their other investment options.

I explain that it is important to distinguish that an investment in MOBE or any other business is not a passive investment and that investing in a business requires time and work in order create income; while passive investments will produce revenue without taking any further action.

I talk about the potential for making larger sums of money when you have your own business such as an affiliate program like MOBE; that is, if you are willing to invest yourself in your business and devote your time to creating financial freedom.

I share some of my own investment decisions and how I decided I could improve my ROI if I devoted those funds to my business instead.

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