Episode 355: “With the new upcoming upgrades to MOBE educational systems, do you have plans to offer CD’s and DVD’s with past and future program content?”

Today’s episode was recorded on the beach in Jamaica at the Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond member Dr. Marilyn Carr, who is a retired school teacher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.  Dr. Marilyn wants to know if we will be offering MOBE program content on CD’s and DVD’s now that we are upgrading our educational systems.

I explain that we do plan to offer some of our core programs on DVD; especially for our new programs, Silver and Gold so that when our clients  purchase these programs, they will receive digital access via the internet; as well as receiving CD, DVD, and USB copies in the mail.

I talk about our Mastermind programs, and some special plans I have for those, as well.

I share that I am hoping to implement these new options within the next six months.

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